2015 BMW X3 facelift has new headlights

Going wide seems to be the way forward at BMW at the moment as it battles to maintain its fragile lead at the high end of the vehicle industry. Lots of its models are having facelifts and upgrades and the X3 is no exception. BMW’s X3 is a practical but sporty, luxury model with an all-wheel drive system and great handling both in the city and out. The changes being made to it are cosmetic and possibly technology-driven, with marked differences in the headlights. The new X3s are expected to be made public early next year.
bmw x3 face 1
Given the popularity of the model, it’s likely that the 2015 BMW X3 will not been tinkered about with too much. However, there are a few novelties. As well as a few changes made to the bumpers and a new square tip to the exhaust pipe, the main differences will be in the headlights. Currently, the X3 has tilted trapezoidal headlights but a brand new set of lights will be installed to the updated model and they’ll be wide. The internal mechanics of the lights are also likely to be altered, possibly to incorporate BMW’s new LED technology. The shape and size of the new headlights will be very similar to those of the X5. They’ll be wider and connected to the grille. Wide headlights and rear lights are very distinctive to the BMW brand, as are the horizontal lines they often incorporate.

The X3′s engine was updated last year, which means further changes to it are not expected. However, some have speculated that the designers may draw inspiration from MINI’s new TwinPower engine system. Inside the car, you might find that an overhauled navigation system with better menu options and more voice activation. BMW has been expanding it’s ConnectedDrive technology, so that’s quite likely.

There was a need to update the X3 given the new X4 is due out next year. The X3 shares the same platform. Something had to be done! We know that some of the new X3 prototypes have already been tested in Germany but we’ll have to wait for it to go into production in mid 2014 before it goes on sale.