Buying a Pre-Owned Car is the Better Option

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Between a used car and a new one, which would you prefer? There is a lot debate concerning buying used cars or new ones. There are those who love the smell of a brand new car.

Others feel that this scent comes at a high price. Proponents of pre-owned cars would probably give the following reasons for their purchasing habit:

  • Depreciation: A car starts depreciating the moment a buyer drives it out of the dealership. New cars depreciate fast within the first 1-3 years after purchase.

Some lose over 40% of their value within the first 1 year. A used car on the other hand, has gone through initial depreciation.

This is an advantage because if you resell it in future, it will fetch the same amount or close to what you bought it for.

  • Hidden costs are few if any: With a pre-owned car, what you see is what you get. There are no hidden costs associated with the sale.

Sales people get a commission so they sell unnecessary extras for new cars. For example, shipping charges, destination fees, rust proofing and paper fees are excuses that dealers use for overcharging on a new car.

Useless add-ons in a new car are cheaper features in a pre-owned car. Although you might not get all the features you want, you will not pay extra for things you did not even ask for.

A used car has few hidden costs if any. All you need to do is to sign the paper work and voila!  Mission accomplished!

  • Price: You can buy a used 2012 Porsche for the price of a new 2014 Honda. The price of a used car is lower so you can step up to a better model for the same price.

A used, low mileage, well maintained car will save you more money in initial price, taxes and long term costs.

You can get a pre-owned luxury car at an affordable price from dealerships such as Big Motoring World Prestige and Big Motoring World Canterbury.

  • Lower insurance costs: A used car is cheaper to insure than a new car.
  • Certification: Most pre-owned cars are certified. This means that they come with an extended warranty and service guarantee.

This warranty is usually longer than that previously given by the factory. Pre-owned cars usually go through a rigid process of inspecting their mechanical and cosmetic parts.

You may feel like you have taken over car issues by buying a used car but you can give yourself some assurance by ensuring that it is certified.

One of the dealerships that sell such vehicles is the Big Motoring World. The transaction is under contract, which enables you to go back to the dealer if you experience any problems after purchase.

  • Reliability: A pre-owned car has been tried and tested before. Any problems it may have had and were overlooked by the factory, may have already been fixed by the previous owner.

A new car may come with teething problems, which will become your problem to solve.

Most dealerships offer after sales services. The Big Motoring World for example offers a cutting edge car service and MOT testing service at the Big Motoring World Snodland.

The sales executives at the Big Motoring World dealerships have the training to answer any questions regarding the car that you would like to buy

Buying a new car has its benefits. However, the costs outweigh them all.

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