Choosing between a regular and CPO pre-owned BMW


The BMW makes an unrivalled driving companion, in no small part thanks to the classic rear-wheel platform and strong engines characteristic of this model. Next to the model of BMW that you want to buy, the other big decision you will be making is how much you’re willing to spend on it, which will determine whether you will get a new or used Beamerfrom Big Motoring World Prestige dealerships.

A new BMW can be quite costly, locking out a majority of would-be owners with the prohibitive prices. However, this should not be a cause for alarm; you can get many models of pre-owned BMWs affordably from local Big Motoring World dealerships.

The available pre-owned or used BMW market falls into two categories: The Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) models and the regular pre-owned models. With such an important purchase as buying a BMW, it is essential and prudent to understand what distinguishes one from the other.

Regular pre-owned BMWs

A regular used BMW is just that – a Beamer previously used by one or more owners for a spell of time. There are different ways such an owner may opt to sell the vehicle: directly to a prospective buyer, through an independent general car dealership, or through authorized BMW dealerships like Big Motoring World Canterbury.

If you are on the hunt for a regular used BMW, the first place to start might be your local newspaper classified advertisements or through your local authorized BMW dealers who have easy access to such information.

Certified pre-owned BMWs

The CPO Beamer is also one previously owned by one individual or more. The difference is that prior to resale, it is subjected to a thorough and rigorous certification and validation process courtesy of BMW.

The car will go through several assessments before it can be tagged ‘Certified pre-owned’. The assessments verify that the vehicle is still in good condition, and its mileage covered and age is still acceptable. Authorized dealers like Big Motoring World Snodland can then pass it for resale.

Once it has attained the CPO status, the car gets an extended warranty from the time of resale. If it fails to meet any of the standards required for certification, it isbrought up to par with fixing and conditioning and then an interested buyer can get it from BMW certified dealerships such as a local Big Motoring World.

Advantages of the CPO BMW

A CPO BMW is superior to the regular used BMW in many regards, for instance:

  • You get the assurance that the vehicle has been rigorously tested and verified to ascertain its condition.
  • The car will be well serviced and cleaned-up prior to being put up for resale with Big Motoring World and other authorized BMW dealerships.
  • You will enjoy the benefits of additional services – oil change, roadside breakdown assistance among others.
  • Authorized BMW dealerships can arrange for you to get loans for purchase.
  • The vehicle gets additional mileage and extended warranty.
  • The car owner covers any difficulties with performance and overall functions.

Last word

Whether you opt for a regular or CPO used BMW, you must carry out due diligence prior to completing the sale to ensure your purchase is well informed.

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