Get Your Ultimate Touring Buddy in a Used BMW 5 Series from Big Motoring World



The modern world is a hectic place to live in. In fact you can bet if your forefathers were to return today, they would be amazed at how much stress you can handle. Now with all this in your life, you need to get out of town once in a while which calls for a good touring ride.

Enter the Super BMW 5 Series

This is where a used BMW 5 Series from Big Motoring Worldcomes in as a Godsend. It is a car built into an ultimate touring machine for your family. In essence, you will be buying into luxury, elegance and practicability if you invest in this touring ride.

To get an idea of why top car analysts including the Telegraph, Top Gear, Auto Express among others, highly rate this touring buddy look at some of these aspects:

  • Practicality: A 5-series Touring from Big Motoring World Canterbury has a separate opening tail gate, the option of extended storage with the rear seats held in amore upright position, and 40/20/40 split-folding seats. Youthus have enough space to accommodate even your lovely pet. As kids are always jumpy, the roomy rear leg space comes in handy.
  • Lower running costs: First things first, this is one of the few touring models that incorporatesenergy saving technology fully. You can saveon fuel and with its low emissions you will enjoy lower emission taxes at only 119g/km.
  • Same old luxury and comfort: Nothing is compromised in this family car and hence you will still enjoy the same superior comfort of a BMW. The suspension makes for a smooth ride, and the long wheelbase assures everyone spacious leg room. What’s more climate control comes with all models.
  • The extras: Like all BMWs, your machine from Big Motoring World Prestigehas an executive feel and myriad technology gadgets. From climate control, Bluetooth connections, leather seats among other luxurious fittings, you can be sure to enjoy every second with your family in this ride.
  • Beauty blended with power: The performance of your resale BMW from Big Motoring Worldis nothing but superb. The large six cylinder engine ensures your family gets the thrills as you drive out of the country.
  • Affordability: One of the amazing things about a used BMW 5-series is the jaw dropping price. For example, you can get a 2011 model at only £12,000 and have it checked fully at Big Motoring World Snodlandto ensure you get value for your money.

When the Telegraph calls this an almost perfect car in the world, the reporter really knew what he was saying. You will be amazed at how much the Germany engineers had put into this car to ensure everyone enjoys a trip out of town.

When you buy your used ride Big Motoring World, you are assured of great customer support from the moment you make an inquiry to the point you drive out of one of its premises. This dealership is conveniently located just outside West Malling on the A20.

Simply put, your family will always be looking forward for another trip out of town either for camping or just for a fun drive. When luxury meets family, you can be sure everyone will be happy.

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