The Mini Clubman

The Mini Clubman

The new three-door Mini blew everyone away when it first arrived. The slightly hefty price tag was justified by its effortless style, performance, ingenuity and its outright commitment to modernity.

As time has gone on, the three door version has continued to improve and develop whilst Mini have tried their hand at creating versions of the Mini that appeal to different audiences.

Unfortunately, this particular version doesn’t quite hit the right notes for the UK market; most notably down to the inclusion of a quick release door on the right-hand side. This would be great if it was on the left but unfortunately if you try to use it in England, in all likelihood you will be opening it into the road side. So much for increased practicality then.

The car doesn’t quite manage to maintain the exciting and engaging ride that the original version provides. It’s ever so slightly unwieldy in comparison due to the increased size of the vehicle and that doesn’t even seem to provide a happy trade off, because somehow it still manages to feel a touch cramped in the back.


The result is that you essentially have a vehicle that is ever-so-slightly less fun to drive than the 3 door version and without the genuine justification of increased practicality.

Fortunately, there isn’t much compromise in performance and the car still goes well. The handling is still tidy and the aesthetics of the car are very nice.
As with all Minis; the dashboard seems a bit disorganised and possibly even a touch haphazard. Things don’t quite seem to be in the most logical places and that makes for a slightly disconnected experience when sitting in the driver’s seat.

It is expensive for what it is and because it doesn’t quite hit the right notes in the key areas it should really be delivering in, you can’t help but feel a little disappointed at times when you are driving it.

However, as you would expect, the overriding feeling is that you still have a vehicle with Mini quality written all over it. It is a classy car that still generally drives well and if you can see past the limitations associated with the slightly disingenuous move into more practical territory, it is worth a look. We still recommend the 3 door version though.