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If you own a BMW, then you appreciate the essence of good driving. However, you will also concur that this car needs great care in order to perform optimally. This good care can only be done through professional servicing. In the UK, the best place to have you car serviced has to be Big Motoring World Prestige service centre.

For the last two decades, this company has been in the car industry setting the standards for others to follow. With the state-of-the-art service centre in Kent, standards in BMW care have just gone a notch higher. This is the experience that you will be entrusting your car to which translates to a smoother ride.

Common Trouble Areas for Your BMW

If your car is to give you superb service, then you have to give it regular servicing at Big Motoring World Prestige. According to experts, some of the common BMW problems that you need to have a look at include:

  • Electrical problems: A study on Consumer Affairs database suggests these are the most common problems with these cars. As such, you should always schedule servicing in order to avoid problems in the navigation system, central computer module, anti-lock brake unit, lock switch among others.
  • Non-electrical problems: These include oil leaks, rear differential failure, crankshaft issues and faulty power steering pump among others. One very common problem according to a Consumer Report in the UK is the cooling system where the coolant leaks or the water pumps fail.

There might be other problems specific to your car but luckily the specialists at Big Motoring will be able to handle any issue. What’s more they are able to diagnose and even avert major problems before they occur.

What to Expect at Big Motoring Service Centre

When you visit the centre at Snodland, you will be awed by the fusion of comfort and functionality. The service lounge is reminiscent of a five star hotel and there is a large viewing area if you want to watch as your car goes through the stages.

Some of the other unique features of this centre include:

  • Best technology: Whatever services your BMW needs this centre has the technology to work on it. It uses the latest technology in the industry including Autologic for BMW diagnostics.
  • High level of skills: With over two decades experience in this industry, these specialists know everything about your BMW. Their skills combined with in-depth training in cars means your car will get the best service to make it look and drive like new.
  • Wide range of service: This is the strong point of Big Motoring World Prestige servicing. It is a one-stop shop for all your car’s needs. From MOTs to SII servicing and body work repair these car professionals have you sorted.
  • Courtesy car: If you are in a hurry you will not have to worry about a cab because a courtesy car can be provided. The centre treats you like royalty to ensure you never visit another service centre.

With these meticulous services, you are now ready to hit the road with your rejuvenated machine. It can now perform like the roadster it was manufactured to be.

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