Want to Clinch That Deal? Drive in an Executive BMW 5-Series from Big Motoring World

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Sleek, elegant, posh and glamorous – what do these words best depict? Of course, a BMW 5-series!If you want to make an impression during your next business meeting make sure you drive a BMW 5-series because everyone will notice.

Used BMW Option

The stars seem to be on your side today because if you cannot afford the £ 30,265.00 price tag for a new salon,Big Motoring Worldhas a solution for you. A used BMW from these car specialists still gives you the same elegance, glamour and performance to help you maintain that executive look.

Why go for the BMW 5-series while there are other top executive car brands in the market? Here are a few pointers:

  • Rich heritage: No other car model has consistently maintained a lead in its class like the 5-series. For over five generations, this model has made BMW a winner in the executive class over and over again.
  • Meticulous design: Trust the Germans to be clinical in their designs and this effort has produced amazing rounded lines for the 5-series. Whether you want the saloon, Touring or the Gran Turismo, you can bet there is always something exciting about each model. The 2011 model, which is popular with Big Motoring World Canterbury shoppers, was completely redesigned.
  • Relaxation meets performance: When the 2011 model was released Consumer Guide and Edmunds were quick to notice the more relaxed posture of the line. The larger dimension married with more comfort and luxury certainly makes this model from Big Motoring World Prestigea delight to drive.

These are just the basics of any BMW but when you invest in a 2011 BMW 5-series, there is more heading your way. This is more so if you are able to source one from a reputable dealer such as Big Motoring World. Take a look at why this model creates such a buzz amongst used car buyers:

Full shot of adrenaline

An executive car is supposed to have a larger than life engine and the 5 Series does not disappoint. The 2011 models were given better engine power. For example the 528i 3-liter engine was upped by 10 horsepower to 240hp. The 550i on the other hand was given a boost to the same power as the 7-series with a 400-hp, 4.4 liter V8 engine.

Larger Build and Comfier Interior

In business, first impressions speak volumes. The 2011 was tweaked quite a bit and the end result was a larger car. This makes it conspicuous but more importantly gives you more room inside. It is not as cluttered as other smaller cars in the class. Truth be said it is intimidating and is this not what every executive wants?

There are many other good things about this road master including better performance and more fuel efficiency. Safety is also given priority with stability and traction control, disc brakes, BMW Assist emergency communication systems and other standard safety options.

When you buy your machine from Big Motoring World, you will be buying from one of the most established dealerships in the UK. Moreover, you will enjoy servicing from the Big Motoring World Snodlandstate-of-the-art facility.

Stilling hassling to have that deal closed? Show some class by riding in a cool BMW 5-series. You can never go wrong with a bimmer.

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